About Jennie

nov2010 153

Jennie Mathis Nelson wrote and illustrated her first book in 6th grade. It was an adventurous ghost story about a boy and his friend as they explore a haunted house. The brown cardboard cover had a skeleton drawing on it, and it was held together with red yarn. She doesn’t know what became of that first book, but it marked the beginning of her literary journey.

Jennie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from SUNY Empire State College, which enabled her to study and research the mind-body connection on a deeper level and incorporate it with her love of art and story.  She loves abandoned things, ghost stories, art history, meditation, Disney World, cooking, genetics & ancestry, the unknown, crime stories, tea, audiobooks, social research, healing, documentaries, wiener dogs, Siamese cats, and just about any of which could turn up in one of her stories or illustrations!

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